Some remarks from testimonial letters received

“They knew what they were doing and were honest people”

“We spoke to two other companies also but it was very impersonal. After viewing our neighbors building we gave Nuper a call. We knew right after his personal visit to out home that we had found our builder and a great company”

“Extremely friendly and accommodating”

“Excellent communication met with Lance daily to discuss what would be done. Nuper checked in regulary & Isaac made sure all materials were here.”

“Everyone I worked with was cooperative, attentive, and had a good positive work ethic.”

“Communication was key! Nuper confirmed the plans in writing. The blue prints helped us visualize the outcome. The weekly phone calls during construction were appreciated”

“All I can tell you is I wouldn’t of had anybody else build my building. I am very happy with all parts of the process”

“We are impressed with both the quality and workmanship, especially with the crow’s nest, porch, and faux loft door. The crew made sure they were flawless”

“Very knowlegable eager and hardworking”

“They always told me¬†where they were and what had to be done on the job”

“They were on time with everything”

“Ray and his men were always professional, polite, and willing to talk to me whenever I asked questions. Very knowledgeable and skilled.”

“Everything is well fitted and the workmanship is very professional”

“The crew was great! Along the way they explained the next step , asked for preferences, and verfied past decisions”

“The new building is wonderful. We got very little done because we keep stopping to admire it”

“Good Quality”

“Excellent, love the quality of the framing”

“Everything was top notch”

“I feel like NuMark is almost family. Lance builds like he was doing it for family”