lumber built construction pella iowaNuMark Building Corp uses all Southern Yellow Pine Lumber

Which will make your building have Stronger Construction, Longer Life, and Better Appearance!

We also use #1 Grade Roof Purlins

  1. A Truss System engineered for your building which will meet or exceed all load requirements
  2. A greater structural integrity due to our recessed Purlin & Grit system which allows for the steel to fit flush with the roof and wall structure
  3. Our recessed purlin always meets the 30# ground snow load and 90 MPH wind load requirements
  4. All trusses on 8′ centers will have 2×4 roof purlins, 10’centers will have 2×6 roof purlins

#1 Grade 2×6 Side Girts

  1. More Lumber
  2. Greater Stability
  3. Increased longevity through the unyielding test of time
  4. Butt-end locking system for increased collateral wind load

3-Ply Laminated column Foundation

  1. Greater Durability  because columns don’t splint, weather crack, or deteriorate, which means nails won’t pull out like they will in posts
  2. A Wood Preservative to a retention of 0.8 # psf before lamination with a 40 year warranty
    All screw fasteners on steel
  3. Greater Structural Stability  screws work with the wood while nails work against the wood. Wood fiber resists the pressure of the nail and over time naturally pushes the nail back out through the steel. Wood fiber on the hand secures the steel adhesion by grasping our steel screw instead of repelling it like it does a nail.
  4. Greater  Weather Protection due to our screw’s flange and gasket that prevent leakage
  5. Less Steel Damage potential due to inadvertent and excessive hammer blows
  6. 1 1/2″Stainless Steel Screw Fastners used in treated lumber to avoid corrosion

29-Gauge Roof and Side Wall Steel

Tougher Steel with E Structural Grade which means your building will have an 82,000 psi rating which is substantially better than 26 gauge commercial grade at approximately 50,000 psi