weather vane cupola numark buildingsPLYCO Roof Cupolas

Curved Roof, Straight Roof, Lifted Sides, Premium Base and More… Plyco has the Cupola you’re looking for with many possibilities.


  • Available in 24″, 36″ and 48″ sizes with either straight or curved roof panels. The entire 24″ and 36″ cupola is constructed of 29 gauge prepainted steel. The 48″ cupola has a 26 gauge prepainted steel roof.
  • Prepainted steel construction. Colors and color combinations, that match most roll-formed steel colors. Specify roll-former when purchasing.
  • Assembles on job site in minutes with slide on metal connectors for straight or curved roof and wall sections.
  • bird screenBird screen included for mounting in curb.
  • Roof interlocks with sides for tight connection.
  • All metal joints feature “Tog-a-Loc” construction, for non-rusting permanent construction.
  • Optional curb cap if no air flow for ventilation is required.
  • Packaged KD for economical shipping, with fast, easy assembly on building site.metal joints building construction
  • Full perimeter reinforced hemmed angles for rigid window frame opening.
  • Galvanized steel internal gussets for diagonal strength.
  • Plyco manufactured acrylic glazed white aluminum windows installed in each side.

curb base construction options numark buildingsPremium Curb Base

  • Curb comed KD or Pre-Assembled with Premium Base Trim.
  • Made from heavy 14 GA G-90 Galvenized Steel.
  • Bird Screen is included for mounting on curb.
  • All metal joints feature “Tog-a-Loc” construction, for non-rusting permanent construction.


Standard Cupola Sizes:

Model 240 Model 360 Model 480
Base Size: 24″ x 24″ 36″ x 36″ 48″ x 48″
Side Height: 16″ 21″ 28″
Roof Height: 15″ 21″ 28″
Overall Height: 31″ 42″ 56″
Free Area (sq. in.): 250 560 990
Roof Overhang: 2″ 3″ 3″

weather vane custom construction numark buildings


Attach to cupola roof cap.
29″ Height for models #240 and #360.
42″ Height for Model #480

custom construction roof numark buildingsROOF:

MW-240-24″ model
MW-360-36″ model
MW-480-48″ model

building sides custom construction numark buildingsSIDES:

MW-245-24″ model
MW-365-36″ model
MW-485-48″ model

flashing custom construction numark buildings6-PIECE BASE FLASHING:

Standard 3/12 or 4/12 pitch, please specify. Any other pitch, special order.
MW-241-24″ model
MW-361-36″ model
MW-481-48″ model

custom construction curb cap numark buildings OPTIONAL CURB CAP:

MW-248-24″ model
MW-368-36″ model
MW-488-48″ model


(availability may change without notice)

24″ Weather Vanes:

29″ Weather Vanes:

42″ Weather Vanes:

Click HERE to download the PLYCO Roof Cupolas Options PDF (441K PDF)